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Cooperative bank fraud – CPM leader faces further heat; ED confiscates Rs 15cr worth properties

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Kerala (VSK). CPM and its senior leader A.C. Moideen faces further heat in connection with Rs 150 cr Karuvannur bank fraud. The latest reports suggest that benami (proxy) properties worth Rs 15cr, allegedly connected to Moideen, including 36 properties and other assets have been confiscated by ED. This comes close on the heels of the continuous ED raids in the former minister’s house which took more than 22 hours on August 23. According to reports, the confiscation is in view of the ED’s findings of Moideen’s involvement in the bank fraud. ED had yesterday frozen the bank accounts of Moideen. Accounts in the names of Moideen and his wife have been frozen on the basis of two orders. They are of bank deposits and fixed deposits worth Rs 28 lakhs.

Again, bank accounts of another three individuals have also been frozen. Those bank account holders are alleged to be Moideen’s benamies. The allegations against Moideen, in this regard, have been in the air since long.

Moideen had said that the ED aimed at making him an accused and put him in the web of suspicion and keep on hounding him. He had added that the raid at his home was based on some one’s statement that he had helped somebody to avail a loan, of course, off the straight forward track. He had said, he was ready to cooperate with any investigation since he had nothing to fear or hide.

Now, CPM keep on telling, that Union government, led by BJP, misuses ED and IT department for political vendetta. They say that Moideen is a thorough gentleman and his life is transparent. But, when asked about the involvement of CPM leaders and men, they flaunt a readymade answer – “We have expelled them from the party positions”.

But BJP and other opposition parties are not at all ready to swallow the CPM version. They know that it is nothing but an ‘unprofessional excuse’. It has turned a cliché before the people; they use it quite often. People have every reason to think in that direction. Few years back when a party MLA faced allegations of sexual abuse, they removed him from party positions for a few months. Still, he continued as an MLA and he could even share the dais with the CM in his capacity as MLA. And, an investigation team appointed by the party itself conducted the enquiry. Even though the complaint was lodged by a woman DYFI leader, party commission found that the abuse did not have the gravity she claimed. Later on, a senior woman leader of CPM had publicly stated that her party possessed own police and court.

Similarly, CPM leaders keep on saying that they have discussed the issue in party fora. In another words CPM asks the people to believe what their leaders say when their party men’s involvements are alleged in one or other controversies. Naturally people wonder if CPM stands for their partymen and leaders alone. They question, if CPM do not have any commitment to the people. Even party’s rank and file are confused. They have to satisfy with what their leaders assert. Impartial observes believe that CPM follows the methodologies communist parties follow in countries where they are at helm. They cite the examples of North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, China and old Soviet Union.

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