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Cooperative movement could only survive and thrive with moral values

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Lucknow. RSS’ Akhil Bharatiya Karyakarini Sadasya Bhaiyyaji Joshi stressed that cooperative movement could only survive and thrive with moral values and scruples. Any absence of ‘sanskar’ scruples would destroy the cooperative movement and defeat its very objective.

He was addressing the karyakartas of Sahkar Bharati gathered at Lucknow Polytechnic premises for the three-day national convention which began on Friday. In his address he exhorted the activists to bear in mind that social uplift was possible with cooperative. This is the basic mantra of Sahkar Bharati and we should bear it in our minds, he said.

Underlining the importance of the mission Sahkar Bharati is engaged and involved in Bhaiyyaji Joshi said that we will have to accept the challenges in this field and in-still and inculcate moral standards and scruples to make our mission successful.

He said that we will have to dedicate us for this mission of cooperative and this cannot be done by individual alone. It needs help and cooperation from all members of the society. It is the distinguished and qualifying characteristic of Sahkar Bharati that we work with all in groups and groups work well only when there is mutual trust and faith.

In his address he also exhorted the gathering to honor and respect the thoughts and thinking of others and understand each other to walk hand in hand to accomplish our mission. We work as a family. He exuded confidence that under the leadership of Sahkar Bharati institutions like banks, cooperatives and all others would thrive and we have to prepare committees to handle all types of work.

No place for dynasty-ism in cooperative – Addressing the gathering National General Secretary of Sahkar Bharati Dr. Uday Joshi said that there was no place for dynasty culture in the cooperative movement. He said that Sahkar Bharati is a voluntary organization working dedicatedly and with commitment in the cooperative sector. We are working since last four decades with certain ideals and objectives and will have to work in future for furtherance of the same.

He urged the workers to keep in mind three principles viz. “No cooperative sans values”, “Cooperative movement should rise above party politics” and “Our role in cooperative committees should be that of the trustees and not that of the owners”. He said that sustainable economic development could be possible only through the cooperative movement and therefore it is necessary that activists with high moral scruples should join this movement.

He said that the cooperative movement should be above party politics. Any organization where ownership issues crop up cannot survive long. He stressed for cooperative policy in the country and amendments in the old cooperative laws.

He said that they would concentrate in the health sector through the cooperative sector. He said that strength lies in organization and not in individual but discipline is must in any organization to keep it erect and moving. Our workers should study and understand the nuances of the sector in which we are working he said stressing the need for involvement of womenfolk in the cooperative movement.

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