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CPM Feuds kicked off in Kannur.!!

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P. Jayarajan, CPM state committee member and prominent leader from Kannur district, has come out with serious allegations against E.P. Jayarajan, Left Democratic Front (LDF) Convener and another senior CPM leader form the same district. Allegation is about the financial irregularities EP has been carrying out in connection with the Ayurveda Resort allegedly run by his son at Morazha in Anthoor Municipality. Reports suggest that P. Jayarajan raised the issue in the state committee meeting of CPM held on December 24. And, state secretary M.V. Govindan reportedly said, allegation is serious and party would carry out enquiry if the complaint is given in writing. Govindan reportedly said that party would take actions against the guilty, whatever superior position he or they hold.

The construction of the resort was controversial as its environmental impact was very much adverse. There were allegations that some top business men had joined hands with EP’s son for the construction of the Resort. Ten acres of hills were levelled for constructing the resort and the hospital complex.

The resort and the hospital complex were constructed under the banner of Kannur Ayurvedic Medical Care Private Limited and the total investment was Rs 30 crores. The construction was carried out under the control and supervision of Puthusserry Koroth Jeyson, EP’s son.

According to the media reports, the documents show that prominent industrialist Kalathilparayil Rameshkumar and Jeyson launched the company together. According to the Memorandum of Association of the Company, 2,500 shares at the rate of Rs 1,000 each belong to Jeyson costing Rs 25 lakhs. Kadiri Group, a prominent business house in Kannur, is a director too. There are seven directors including big businessmen. Reports further state that EP’s wife also enjoy a prominent position in the company. P. Jayarajan reportedly alleged that EP amassed a fortune using the camouflage of this resort.

Media reports of December 25, suggest that P. Jayarajan said, “party cadres should compromise personal interests before the party interests. Those who deviate (from the party line) should correct themselves.”

Reports from Delhi states, CPM’s central leadership has taken up the matter seriously. According to the CPM’s usual procedure, Polit Bureau (PB), the highest leadership body of the party, has to deliberate the issues concerning central committee members. And, EP is a central committee member.

After the state committee meeting, state secretary M.V. Govindan told in Thiruvnanthapuram that party would not tolerate undesirable and anti-people moves from the CPM leaders. Observers believe that it is in the wake of the allegations levelled by P. Jayarajan against EP. It is to be noted that EP appears to be keeping away from the routine party activities since Govindan took over as the secretary. Health issues have been pointed out by the party leadership to face the media enquiries about EP’s absence from the day-to-day affairs and leadership meetings.

And, P. Jayarajan has been side-lined from the mainstream party activities since the last Assembly elections held in 2021. He had to relinquish the position of the powerful Kannur district committee secretary when he fought the assembly election. M.V. Jayarajan, another top leader from the district, took over as district committee secretary when Jayarajan went to fight the election. He lost the election, but, he did not get the party position which he gave up for fighting the election. M.V. Jayarajan still continues in the position. Political observers believe that it was a game plan of Pinarayi Vijayan, chief minister and party supremo, to demoralise P. Jayarajan diplomatically.

Pinarayi and his close comrades were unhappy with P. Jayarajan, thanks to his alleged attempts to create a personality cult in Kannur district in favour of him. Those days, banners had appeared in the district depicting him as chariot driving Sri Krishna. It was beyond the tolerance level of Pinarayi, the tallest CPM leader from Kannur district. Obviously, EP and M.V. Jayarajan are Pinarayi’s blue-eyed boys from Kannur district.

There are reports that the aforementioned are the tips of the icebergs, the power struggle within the party after the recent death of the state secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. The ultimate goal of this power struggle is for the control of the party (and the government) post 2026 elections. Party believes that they will come to power in 2026. Pinarayi is already 77 and visits US to undergo treatment couple of times every year, a clear indication of his not-so-good health. In 2026, he will cross 80. Even though, Govindan was Pinarayi’s nominee as the state secretary, now, it looks like ‘equations’ are changing. Now, the observers eagerly watch if P. Jayarajan is forwarding his complaints in writing to the state secretary.

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