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CPM goons attacks school, disrupts the pooja

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Kozhikode, Kerala.

CPM goons attacked a school, in Thottilppalam near Kuttyaadi in Kozhikode, to disrupt the pooja, the school management family was conducting in the campus. The school belongs to a private management. Manager Smt. Aruna informed the media that pooja was conducted for the moksha of her dead parents and in connection with the completion of the new buildings. She added that her husband and other family members alone participated in the pooja, no one else is present. She added that it was purely a family affair.

But, hundreds of CPM workers encircled the school; they shouted anti-BJP and anti-RSS slogans, obviously with a sinister and rude motive. They gathered people by propagating that ‘BJP men carry out pooja and arms training in the school to threat and control the manager and family members by force’.

CPM Goebbels’s spread the gossip that BJP does so, because, they (management) do not tolerate their (BJP’s) domination. Some TV channels took up this false propaganda too. Those channels spread the news which even police had not confirmed. CPM goons incarcerated the manager and the family members, in the school, for several hours together. At last police had to come to release them from the school situated in a CPM ‘party village’.

Thottilpalam Police informed the media that there is no evidence to establish that the pooja was carried out under the leadership of BJP.

School manager maintained that there was a Homam on February 13. And, CPM men attacked the school and disrupted the Homam. Manager alleged that the desperation due to their failure, after several attempts to capture the school, led to their anger and attack. Their mindset is behind the attack and anger. She said, her father Kurungottil Nanu was the founder of the Nedumannur Lower Primary School. CPM tried to capture its control several times. Court clearly pronounced that CPM does not have any right to control the school. Later on, they attacked the school several times. Despite several complaints filed before the police, there was no action nor any enquiry at all.

C.R. Praful Krishna, state president of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha alleged that the Nedumannur LP School attack should be viewed as a plot for communal riot. People should realise the fact. Organised CPM goons disrupted the pooja carried out, by the school management, in the school. When it turned controversial, they try to blame BJP. CPM’s attack is against the faith.

This is a specimen of CPM’s hooliganism in party villages in northern Kerala.

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