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CPM rampage – Payyannur suffers loss running into crores

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केरल...3Kerala. Payyannur, Kannur in Kerala witnessed an unparalleled series of vendetta-led violence on 11th and 12th July. Houses, vehicles and belongings of members and sympathisers of Sangh Pariwar were burned down by CPM workers. C K Ramachandran, Mekhala (Zonal) President of the BMS was brutally slaughtered in front of his wife and children. Mr. Ramachandran was one of the eye witnesses in the murder of CM Vinodkumar. Vinodkumar a Swayamsevak, who was murdered by CPM goons two years ago on K.T Jayakrishnan Master’s Martyrdom day.

A group of CPM criminals led by Nandan (also relative of CK Ramachandran) and A V Sreejith rushed into the house breaking apart the front door in the blinding night, around 1 AM and attacked Ramachandran in front of his helpless family.The assailants made their way with cash around 40,000 and gold ornaments after vandalizing the entire house. Ramachandran’s autorikshaw, which was his livelihood was also completely destroyed by the goons.

केरल...The left terror did not stop with the slaying of Mr. Ramachandran. It was a well-planned, concerted attack on the RSS with the blessings of the higher ups in the party. A group of CPM workers wrecked the house of P Rajesh, Karyavah of Payyanur RSS zilla, and a bus, two tempo travellers, two bikes and a car parked in front of the house were also damaged.

Arsha Vidyalaya, the school run by the Bharatheeya Vidyaniketan (Under Vidya bharati) management, that schools more than 300 pupils was attacked. With the school library ransacked and books torn and strewn all over, LCD projectors and computers for the smart classroom and furniture completely smashed up, the school premises look like a war zone.

The criminals anchored their blind ire on A K Unnikrishnan’s house, motorbike and autorikshaw and everything was burnt down. T V Nandakumar’s house, bike and bicycle were burnt. Unnikrishnan and Nandakumar are RSS workers.

केरल.Another group locked up AP Arun kumar’s family in a room and the house was literally emptied out, appliances were crushed and some were thrown into the well. Gas cylinder and furniture were found thrown into the well. Some of the assailants set fire on the house and motorbike of Jishnu, Kunjimangalam and the house and three motorbikes of M Narayanan (Dist. Secretary of Kisan morcha). The house and motorbike of Sahadevan, kunnaruchittadi were completely destroyed.

Thidil Kunjikrishnan’s house, warmed the same day, was not spared, so were the rented furniture and appliances.M P Raveendran Karivelkur, Prez Payyannur Mandalam lost his house and car in the CPM storming that night.

Other losses include;Prakasan’s house and shop( Korom), house and auto rikshaws of Rejin KV and Rajesh TV, house, car and bike of Balakrishnan (Panakkeel), Shyju V’s car, Muthiyalam Surendran’s house, motorbikes of Vinodkumar (Punchakkad) and Cheetayla Ramachandran ( Karivellur), tempo traveller of Sathyan, etc. Apart from these, the RSS Karyalaya at Cheruthazhath was also attacked.

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