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CPM to take Chancellorship from the Governor; GoK sends draft Ordinance to Raj Bhavan

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Kerala (VSK). CPM-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) Government of Kerala (GoK) has sent the draft Ordinance, to Raj Bhavan, on November 12, indented to remove Governor Arif Mohammed Khan from the position of Chancellorship of universities in Kerala. It is sent for Governor’s approval and signature. The despatch took place days after the Cabinet decision in this regard. The draft is to pave the way for replacing Governor with eminent academicians in that role. But Governor is reported to leave the state, for few days and expected to return by November 20. He is unlikely to look into the document before he goes. Even otherwise no observer believes that Governor will sign the document; the assumption is in the light of the high voltage disputes going on between him and the LDF government.

In the meantime, LDF government plans to avoid Governor’s customary policy address in the next assembly session. The rule asks for such speech when the first session of the year commences. LDF plans to start the session on December 5, 2022 and close temporarily for Christmas holidays; then continue in January 2023. They intend to xerox the modus operandi CPM Chief Minister E.K. Nayanar adapted in 1990 to avoid the customary policy speech of the then Governor Ramdulari Sinha.

Political observers anxiously wait for Governor’s return from tour. Everyone looks for the Governor’s reaction to the Ordinance.

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