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CPM’s Selective Secularism – Apostles of Freedom of Expression Now Against ‘The Kerala Story’

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Kochi. BJP state president, K. Surendran, criticized Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and CPM leaders for their double standards on freedom of expression. In a Facebook post, Surendran stated that the CM and CPM leaders have stated that the movie ‘The Kerala Story’, which talks about terrorism and jihad, should not be screened, despite being advocates for freedom of expression. He accused the CPM of having selective secularism and selective freedom of expression, which he believes is well understood by the people of the country.

He also accused the CM of having a double standard for vote bank politics, which he believes is more dangerous than religious fundamentalism. He pointed out instances where the CM and CPM leaders had supported freedom of expression in the past, such as in the Meesha novel and the exhibition of MF Hussain’s paintings, but had failed to do so in recent cases like Joseph Mash’s question paper, ‘Kitab’ drama and Kashmir Files movie.

CM and CPM leaders have ignored the presence of religious terrorism in Kerala, and criticized former Education Minister MA Baby for publicly announcing that Joseph Mash would be executed. He also pointed out that former CM VS Achuthanandan and former DGP Loknath Behra had made statements about the presence of terrorist forces in Kerala.

Surendran reminded the CM that this is Kerala and accused him having selective responses, which he believes led to the Jihadi’s arrival in Kerala to carry out terrorist attacks in the country.

What Kerala CM says in Facebook Post?

“The hint from the trailer is that this movie is being made by embracing the Sangh Parivar propaganda by making Kerala, the land of Secularism, a centre of religious extremism. Propaganda movies and Muslim Privilization should be seen in the wake of Sangh Parivar’s various attempts to make gains in elections politics in Kerala,” said Kerala CM.

“Part of the planned move made the ‘ Love Jihad’ allegations rejected by investigation agencies, court and even the Union Home Ministry. The Union Home Minister and now Union Minister G Kishan Reddy replied in Parliament that there is no such thing as ‘love jihad’. Yet, this false allegations is made the main story in the movie only for the purpose of humiliating Kerala in front of the world. Sangh Parivar is trying to destroy the religious friendly atmosphere in Kerala and to sow the poisonous seeds of communalism.”

The Kerala CM’s Facebook post also said, “Seeing that Parivar politics in other places is not effective in Kerala, they are trying to spread divisive politics through movies based on fake stories. Sangh Parivar is not making up such myths on the basis of any fact or proof. The blatant lie that 32,000 women in Kerala were converted to Islamic state by converting religion was seen in the trailer of the movie. This fake story is the product of Sangh’s lie factory.”

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