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Criminal Waste of Taxpayers’ Money in Kerala by LDF Gov

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Question Hour in Kerala assembly revealed criminal and illogic waste of tax payers’ money for personal and party motives.

Rs 61.90 lakhs spent for legal fights against Governor Arif Mohammed Khan.

When Governor did not sign the bill passed by the legislative assembly government sought the legal advice of Fali S. Nariman, one of the most expensive lawyers in the entire country. Here are the details of the payment for the assignment –

Rs 30 lakhs for Fali S. Hariman.

Rs 9.9 lakhs for Subhash Sharma, Nariman’s junior.

Rs 4 lakhs tor Safeer Ahmed, another junior

Rs 3 lakhs for the clerk.

Total Rs 46.90 lakhs.

Rs 15 lakhs spent for legal advice regarding removal of Governor Arif Mohammed Khan as the Chancellor of the universities in the state and the withdrawal of the Governor’s pleasure of minister continuing in office.

Rs 3.16 crores spent for Re-Kerala Legislative Assembly Bills.

Rs 32 lakhs spent for legal advice regarding Kerala Safeguard Right To Residential Accommodation Bill.

These statistics were disclosed during the question answer hours in the assembly.

It is revealed that since the Left Democratic Front (LDF) took over in May, 2016, it has spent Rs 8,94,90,000 for lawyers brought from out of Kerala for fighting 21 cases. It consists of Rs 55 lakhs for Life Mission case, Rs 2 lakhs for Sprinkler case and Rs 88 lakhs for Periya Twin Murder case. Rs 33.54 lakhs was spent for the ‘imported’ lawyers’ travels and accommodation. Rs 24.94 lakhs was spent for the airfares, Rs 8.59 lakhs for accommodation, Rs 1.47 crore spent for six legal advices.

Rs 31.92 lakhs was spent for renovating the swimming pool in Cliff House, the official residence of the Kerala CM. Rs 31,92,360 was spent from May, 2016 to November 14, 2022. Rs 18.06 for the pool, Rs 7.92 lakhs for renovating the roof and plant room, Rs 6 lakhs for annual maintenance in two instalments. This swimming pool business was carried out when the state was struggling to conduct the matters of utmost necessities. Government has been avoiding the questions, on the floor of the House, regarding the expenses incurred for renovating the swimming pool. Purchase of luxury vehicle for the CM, lakhs of rupees spent for cattle sheds, walls and elevator are talks of the state as absolute controversies. And, there are allegations that lakhs of rupees have been spent for luxuries.

BJP has alleged that lakhs of rupees have been spent from the treasury for CM’s trips abroad with family members.

The very same government has been complaining about shortage of funds for picking up the tab for necessities. Government does not entertain the demands for reasonable projects and spending, thanks to its stand that the state suffers shortage of funds. And, government makes it a point to blame union government for every fiscal issue it faces.

Another interesting and significant fact is, the government presides a huge legal department and expensive army of “legal luminaries” of CPM’s choice. They consist of Legal Advisor, Secretary of Legal Department, Advocate General, Public Prosecutors, Public Pleaders, etc. etc. Still legal experts are brought from Delhi and other places. This process costs a fortune and it carves the state’s treasury to the bone!


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