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Delhi – Pak refugees thanks Prime Minister for citizenship through CAA

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New Delhi. The refugees hailing from Pakistan and residing in Delhi on Thursday expressed gratitude to the central government for providing them citizenship through Citizenship (Amendment) Act. On May 15, the central government issued the first set of citizenship certificates over two months after notifying the rules under CAA.

“We came to Delhi from Pakistan on October 5, 2013. When the bill for the CAA passed, we were very happy. After that, we tried to get citizenship so that we could also start some work. We applied for citizenship a month ago and we got it on May 15. Now, our future will also be bright. We are thankful to the government of Bharat,” said Sheetal Das, a Pakistani refugee currently residing in Majnu Ka Tila.

Another, Yashodha, residing at Majnu ka Tila, said that they would now be considered as Bharatiya citizens and not called “Pakistanis”.

“We came here in 2013. We faced a lot of difficulties related to water and electricity. Now we have citizenship. Not ours, but our children’s future will be bright. We struggled a lot for citizenship. We are happy and thankful to PM Modi. Our children will also get educated like other children and they will have a better future. We were called Pakistanis. Now no one will call us that. We will be considered Bharatiya now”.

Amrita expressed her desire to be a doctor, as she also received citizenship through CAA. “When we came in 2013, there were no schools or electricity. Now, we have both of them. I want to be a doctor when I grow up,” Amrita said.

Another one living at Majnu ka Tila called it a “huge favour” and thanked the central government for “accepting them”.

“We applied for citizenship 3-4 years ago. It had been 8-9 years since we came when it was announced that we would get citizenship. We also named my granddaughter ‘Nagrikta’. We were very happy. Both of my children are citizens now. I thank the people of the country for accepting us. It is a huge favour for us. We will not forget this in our lives. We will respect this citizenship like we respect our children, our elders and our God. We feel respected. We are grateful to whoever has done this and thought about us,” Meera said.

Bhavna, who lives in Adarsh Nagar and was one of the applicants who received a citizenship certificate, expressed her happiness upon receiving the certificate.

“I have got the citizenship and I am feeling very happy, I can study further. I came here in 2014, and I was very happy when this CAA was passed. In Pakistan, we girls couldn’t study and it was difficult to go out. If we had to go out, we used to wear burqas,” said Bhavna.

Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla handed over citizenship certificates to 14 applicants in New Delhi on May 15.

“A lot of our family members are still there who want to come to Bharat but they are facing visa issues. We are very happy to be in our own country. PM Narendra Modi has helped us so much. We thank PM Modi and Amit Shah. I want to become a teacher and educate the women living in this area,” she added.

“When we came here 10 years ago, we did not have citizenship. We are very happy to get citizenship. We used to face difficulties in the admission of our children (in school). Now our children will get proper education and our future will be bright,” said another refugee from Pakistan who got citizenship through CAA.

On March 11, this year, the Union Home Ministry notified the rules of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), days ahead of the announcement of the Lok Sabha election schedule.

The certificates were physically handed over to 14 applicants seeking citizenship and digitally signed certificates have been issued to many other applicants through email.

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