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Dharma Vapsi in Aurangabad, 53 Christians return to Sanatan Dharma

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Aurangabad. 53 people from 12 families converted to Sanatan Dharma from Christianity. It was held at the Nath Temple at Paithan in Aurangabad. With the Brahmin Sabha taking the initiative, the Vedic scholars of Paithan performed the priesthood according to Hindu Dharma.

Brahmin Sabha president Suyash Kamlakar Shivpuri said, “53 Christian men and women from 12 families in Mantha, Jalna district had expressed their desire to convert to Sanatan Dharma. Is it possible to return to Sanatan Dharma by renouncing Christianity? When such a question was asked, an initiative was taken on behalf of the Brahmin Sabha of Paithan. Religious rites were planned because they wanted to convert voluntarily. Accordingly, a formal ‘Dharma vapasi’ ceremony was held in front of the tomb of Shantibrahma Nath Maharaj in the Nath Mandir.

“At this time, along with the 14th and 15th descendants of Saint Eknath Maharaj, the Vedas of Paithan were also present,” he added. Religious rites were performed at Sant Eknath Maharaj Samadhi Mandir (outside Nath Mandir). All these families were welcomed and worshiped by Habap Nathvanshaj Raosaheb Maharaj Gosavi and Kirtan Maharshi Prafullabuva Talegaonkar Maharaj and Nathvanshaj Raghunath Maharaj Gosavi (Palkhiwale).

65 people to convert to Hinduism on January 5

About 65 men and women from 22 other Christian families in Mantha taluka have also expressed their desire to renounce Christianity. This Dharma vapasi ceremony has been organized on 5th January at Nath Mandir in Paithan, too. Also, this ‘Dharmavapasi’ will be done on the initiative of Brahman Sabha.

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