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Did 2 women who entered Sabarimala have ‘any hidden agenda’: Kerala HC asks Pinarayi Govt

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The Kerala High Court on Tuesday made some sharp observations while hearing a batch of 15 petitions Sabarimala. The court asked the state government whether there was “any hidden agenda” in the recent incident of Maoist women entering Sabarimala.

Referring to the recent entry of women in Sabarimala, the court asked whether those women were genuine devotees or have they visited the temple to prove something. Although the government’s counsel said they were devotees, the court asked it to give it in black and white. “Did the women enter Sabarimala under someone’s pressure? When everything was going good, who is trying to create problems? We are not saying the government has some agenda. But it should be able to identify those who are working with an agenda,” the court observed. If the government fails to identify them, the court warned that it would bring in an external agency. The court reminded the government that Sabarimala belonged to devotees.


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