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Director of Gen Edu says, several A+ students unable to write own name

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Kerala (VSK). Kerala’s Director of General Education (DGE) S. Shanavas IAS says that there are children, who pass Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) with ‘all A+’, who cannot read properly nor write own names. He made the comment while addressing a workshop for the drafting of question papers for SSLC examinations. He said, up to 50 % students are okay. His voice has been leaked to the TV channels. He opined that generous mark award is not right. He is not against passing the students. Students should not be given more than 50% if they do not deserve it. More than 50 % marks should be given only to those who deserve. Otherwise, it will be a fruitless exercise. Examinations should be really examinations in all respects. A+ marks should not be a cake walk.

DGE added that during his SSLC days, only around 5,000 people could get distinctions among lakhs of candidates. Now, 69,000 get A+. Many of them cannot read properly or write their names properly. Once Kerala’s education sector used to be compared with European standard. Now, the students are not efficient enough in grasping and finding out the answers to the questions. He pointed out that this time SSLC pass was 99.7% and 68,604 students got A+ for all subjects. Last year, it was 99.2% and all A+ was 44, 363.

It is reported that workshop was carried out in November.

Now, it is reported that Education Minister and CPM leader V. Sivankutty has sought explanation from the DGE. He has reportedly said that Shanavas’s opinion was not of the education department.

It is to be noted at this juncture that Sivankutty had recently praised the school education in the state saying that people on the roads do mistake schools for five-star hotels and are approaching for rooms to stay; and they get embarrassed. He said Rs 5,000 cr has been spent for revamping the government and aided schools.

DGE has not denied the authenticity of his voice so far.

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