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Dutch legislator Geert Wilders raises issue of Islamist violence against Hindus in Bangladesh

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New Delhi.

Dutch legislator Geert Wilders sought international attention to support the Hindus as he raised the issue of Islamist violence against Hindus in Bangladesh and India in the parliament of The Netherlands. During his speech, he also mentioned ex-BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma who received severe death threats for her alleged ‘blasphemous’ remarks.

Taking into Twitter, Geert shared the document posing 13 crucial questions in support of Hindus, their safety, and security. “My Parliamentary Questions from today about the Muslim violence against Hindus in Bangladesh and India, the lack of support for Nupur Sharma and more international attention and support for Hindu safety and security”, he tweeted adding a hashtag that hinted that ‘Hindus are under attack’.

While the tweet has gone viral, a number of Twitteratti have come forward sharing various instances of attacks against Hindus in India and Bangladesh.

Geert Wilders has long been vocal against Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism in his country. As an MP he had been opposed to mass migration and had stated inside the parliament that through mass migration, the government was importing “a monster called Islam into the country”.

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