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Efforts to appease Muslim Voters; DMK Minister promises release of Coimbatore Bomb blast convicts

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Chennai. In an effort to attract minority voters in the Erode East by-election, Gingee Masthan, the DMK Minority Affairs Minister, pledged to take action to release the Coimbatore bomb blast convicts.

During his campaign for the Congress candidate EVKS Ilangovan in Erode East constituency, Masthan highlighted the Tamil Nadu government’s allocation of approximately Rs.700 crores to modernize the Erode Corporation.

He also said that measures have been taken to protect Waqf land and recover its properties, generating income for mosques. He also emphasized the govt’s attempts to assist Tamil Nadu citizens in foreign countries when they encounter difficulties.

With almost 40,000 Muslim voters in the Erode East constituency, Masthan aimed to convey that the DMK government is always supportive of the Muslim community, even pledging to work towards the release of Muslim convicts of the Coimbatore bomb blast case who have been imprisoned for 25 years.

In February 1998, Coimbatore was struck by a series of 12 high-intensity explosions, resulting in 58 deaths and over 250 injuries, with the target being BJP leader Advani.

Investigations into the incident revealed that the banned Muslim fundamentalist organization, Al-Umma, led by SA Basha, was responsible for the bombings.

Until the 1998 Coimbatore blasts, the DMK government had allowed Basha and his organization to operate freely without any restrictions. Basha is currently serving a life sentence, but has reportedly been living a luxurious life in prison and has been granted parole more than 160 times in the last 24 years.

Nawab Khan, Basha’s brother, was given a sentence of one life term and 27 years of rigorous imprisonment for his involvement. Additionally, Mohammed Dhalka, Khan’s son, was apprehended for providing a car to the main accused, Jamesa Mubin, who died in the 2022 Coimbatore blast.

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