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Elathur train terror attack case – Shahrukh Saifi, the main accused, was identified by more witnesses

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Palakkad, Kerala. The NIA organized a re-identification parade in the Elathur train terror attack case, specifically for individuals who had been spotted in the CCTV footage to have seen the primary suspect, Shahrukh Saifi. The investigation team had gathered CCTV footage from the locations Shahrukh Saifi had visited. From the footage, those who might have witnessed the suspect, were brought to the identification parade. Many of them successfully identified Shahrukh Saifi, thereby increasing the number of witnesses in the train terror attack case.

Shahrukh Saifi has been in NIA custody since last Tuesday, with the re-identification process stemming from recently acquired evidence and witness testimonies. His custody is scheduled to continue until the coming Tuesday. Shahrukh had undergone ten consecutive days of interrogation by the NIA in connection with the Elathur train terror attack case. During this period, there were statements from the accused that had the potential to mislead the investigation, along with some unusual behavior aimed at evading further questioning. Subsequently, after the medical board confirmed that Shahrukh did not have any mental health issues, he underwent further questioning.

Throughout the interrogation process, Shahrukh consistently claimed sole responsibility for dousing the train passengers with petrol and igniting the fire. However, it came to light that Shahrukh Saifi had been influenced by the ideologies of religious extremists and terrorists, actively attempting to propagate these beliefs. The NIA received information suggesting that Shahrukh Saifi, who boarded the Alappuzha-Kannur Express on April 2 and set fire, had meticulously planned each step of the incident. Moreover, he had maintained continuous phone communication with multiple individuals during this time.

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