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Eminent persons write to President on West Bengal violence

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JAMMU. Eminent citizens including retired High Court judges and Bureaucrats and various organization leaders, on Friday submitted a memorandum to President Ram Nath Kovind through Lt Governor of J&K UT Manoj Sinha asking for stopping of the violence in West Bengal immediately with a firm hand. “As a peaceful, constitution & law abiding citizen/organization we demand stopping of the violence in West Bengal immediately with a firm hand and punishing the people/groups/cadres responsible for this terror besides use of all possible constitutional provisions for controlling the anti-Indian and illegal immigrants and immediate deployment of Central Security forces for protection of the victims,” they said and also demanded for provision of compensation to victims. The memorandum further states “While the nation has been fighting the COVID 19 pandemic, second wave of which has all the contours of a Bio-warfare, a vast section of fellow Indians and nationalists in West Bengal are tragically experiencing another onslaught perpetrated by the TMC & illegal immigrants. The violence orchestrated by the internal saboteurs and anti-nationals is morbidly reminiscent of the ethnic cleansing of minorities from Kashmir in 1990.”

Bengal violence has as on date engulfed over 3,000 villages and 70,000 nationalists in West Bengal and it continues unabated. Majority of the targeted victims have been people from socially and economically underprivileged groups, including Scheduled casts, STs and poor. The memorandum states “Ironically in a state where a woman is overseeing the sadistic happenings, by and large women are being specifically victimized. Already 4 rapes and 39 rape threats stand verified. The senseless terror, which has been unleashed by the organized anti-nationals, has resulted in 23 verified murders. Among them 11 are SC, one ST and three women.” At present 191 shelters, are providing refuge to 6,779 hapless victims while another 1,800 have taken refuge in neighboring Assam. “Civilians have been specially chosen for this doze of brutal violence in Bengal, especially after the election and 2,157 civilians were attacked and 692 families of innocents have been served death threats. Already 3,886 properties have been destroyed, Hindu families were forced to flee and pockets of anti-Indian outlook created. Sadly, victims are not allowed to file FIR and No medical checkup is being done on the complaints by women, even murder FIRs have not been registered as yet in many cases,” it stated. “This senseless instigation of violence is, undoubtedly, a part of electoral vengeance against the people who exercised their democratic right to vote for one dispensation or the other in a free democracy and the very authorities of the State machinery, police in particular, vested with the protection of life & property, have not acted nor responded in this enacted saga of violence. Bengal violence has deeply shaken our strong belief in the Indian constitution as well as the constitutional institutions and Indian Democracy, which seem to be blind to the rights of the victims of Bengal horror. We, the common citizens of Bharat who abide by and respect the rules & laws of our land, who believe in equality & uniformity, who are peace-loving and seek the welfare of the whole world – are deeply agitated at the obnoxious violence in Bengal and in unequivocal terms condemn it, deeply from a bruised nationalistic heart and pray that the authorities should take a heed to the rational voices. Sir, the Indian constitutional and the political authorities, especially the parliamentary institutions, have to arise from the apathy of helplessness and take strong & effective steps to control the sordid happenings in Bengal. Sir, the Indian State has to act and act fast to stem the anarchy in Bengal,” the memorandum further stated. “We submit this memorandum in the earnest hope that positive and effective deterrent action would be initiated for restoring our faith in the Constitutional establishment,” it added.

The signatories to the memorandum included Dr. Sudershan, Retd. DG DRDO; Dr. Gautam Mengi, Retd. Principal IGGDC, Jammu; Parshotam Dadhichi, President, Sanatan Dharam Sabha, Jammu Kashmir; Major Gen. (Retd) S.K. Sharma; Justice (Retd) Sunil Hali, Sudhir Singh Billoweria, Retd IAS; Prof. Ashok Aima, VC, CU Jammu; Prof. Manoj Dhar, VC, University of Jammu;. Shiv Dutt Nirmohi, Padam Shree; KN Pandita, Padam Shree; CM Seth, Retd, IFS; Hemant Sharma, Retd, IAS; Nirmal Sharma, Retd, IAS; Suresh Sharma, Retd, District and Session Judge; Leela Karan Sharma, Senior Advocate; Vikram Gujral, Art of Living; Sunil Sethi, Senior Advocate; Abhinav Sharma, Senior Advocate; Arun Gupta, President, Chamber of Commerce and Industries Jammu; Neeraj Anand, President Retailers Fed. Of India, J&K; Lalit Mahajan, President, Bari Brahamna Industries Association; RD Singh, Secretary, Jammu Club; Anil Kapahi, Secretary, Amar Singh Club; Prof. KL Bhatia; KK Khosa, President, Kashmiri Pandit Sabha, Ambphalla, Jammu; Ramesh Gupta, President Central Mahajan Sabha, Jammu; Ramesh Sabharwal, President, Jammu People’s Forum; Meenakshi Keelam, Registrar, University of Jammu; Pankaj Jain, President, SS Jain Sabha, Jammu; Peeran Dutta, President, Ravi Dass Sabha, Jammu; Ved Prakash Sharma, President Dogra, Brahamin Pratinidi Sabha, Jammu Kashmir; Narayan Singh, President Amar Khatriya Rajput Sabha, Jammu; Deepak Gupta, President Ware House Traders; and Qammar Rubbani Chechi, Vice President, Gujjar Mahasabha.

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