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Emmanuel Macron unveils plans to strengthen educational ties with Bharat

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France to welcome 30,000 Bharatiya students to French universities by 2030

French President has announced an initiative to enhance educational collaboration between France and Bharat. During his visit to the country for Republic Day celebrations, President Emmanuel Macron expressed his commitment to strengthening ties with Bharat, particularly in the field of education.

President Macron revealed on X that France aims to host 30,000 Bharatiya students in its universities by the year 2030.

Macron emphasised Bharat’s significance as a key partner in the Indo-Pacific region and described the educational initiative as a crucial step in fostering stronger bilateral relations.

Macron introduced a new project, ‘French for All, French for a Better Future,’ focused on promoting the learning of French in Bharatiya public schools. The initiative aims to make French education accessible to a wider audience, with a particular emphasis on those who face challenges in mastering the language.

Macron highlighted plans to streamline visa procedures for former Bharatiya students who have studied in France. The goal is to simplify their return and encourage more students to choose France for their higher education. Macron set targets, aiming to send 20,000 talented Indian students to France by 2025 and further increasing the number to 30,000 by 2030.

The French government has already taken steps to facilitate Bharatiya students’ access to education in France. The ‘Campus France’ programme, initiated in 2018, has resulted in a notable 20 percent increase in the number of Bharatiya students studying in France.

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