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Europe’s Largest Shiva Mandir inaugurated in Estonia

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The week-long consecration ceremony of the Shiva mandir started on June 4 and concluded on June 13, with the main event on June 10. The mandir complex spans an impressive 5,500 square metres and is situated in the picturesque region of Lilleoru, near the Estonian capital Tallinn.

Marking a significant milestone in the spiritual landscape of Europe, the region’s largest Shiva Mandir has come up in Estonia. The ceremonies drew hundreds of guests from Bharat and Europe. The consecration ceremony, or the Maha Kumbhabhishekam conducted by two priests from Tamil Nadu.

Ingvar Villido Acharya Ishwarananda, founder of the Shiva Mandir said, “The Shiva mandir symbolises our dedication to the eternal teachings of Sanatan Dharma, following the footsteps of the great rishis and siddhas”.

The Hindu population in Estonia is small, comprising a few hundred individuals. The community includes Estonians who have adopted Hindu practices, Bharatiya expatriates, and students.


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