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Ezhuthachan’s statue unveiled in Kochi

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Kochi (VSK). The statue of Thunchah Ezhuthachan was unveiled in Amruthabharathi Vidyapeetam state karayalaya in Kochi, on February 21, Tuesday. Ezhuthachan is considered as the father of Malayalam language. He is the author of Adhyatma Ramayanam Kilippatt, Malayalam version of Valmiki Ramayan. He is the person behind developing Malayalam language as we see now. He contributed to the development of Malayalam grammar and poem of the language. He is one of the pioneers of the Bhakti movement in Malayalam language. His life time is estimated to be four and half centuries ago.

Amruthabharathi is an offshoot of Balagokulam, a Sangh-inspired children’s movement and also the largest children’s movement in the entire world. The statue was jointly unveiled by well-known Sanskrit scholar and VC of Maharshi Panini Sanskrit University, Ujjain, Dr. C.G. Vijayakuamr, senior Sangh Pracharak, founder of Balagokulam and former editor of “Kesari” Malayalam weekly M.K. Krishnan aka M.A. Sir and writer, critic and Kerala Government’s “Ezhuthachan” Puraskar laureate Prof. M.K. Sanoo. Dr. M.V. Natesan, retd. Srisankara Saskrit University, Kaladi, and senior leaders of Balagokulam and Amrithabharathi spoke on the occasion.

Sculptor and senior Sangh worker Artist M.L. Ramesh Lakshmanan was felicitated on the occasion.

It is to be noted that Government plan to unveil an Ezhuthachan statue at Thuchanparambu, in Muslim majority Malappuram district, still not materialised even after more than a decade. It is because, statue of a human being is against the Islamic faith. The finished statue remains in a gunny bag somewhere in the town. RSS, BJP and like-minded organisations have been demanding the earliest erection of the statue, but, in vain.

Amruthabarathi conducts examinations on Bharaitiya culture on Deepawali day every year. People from all over the world participates in it. This activity has been going on since the last more than 35 years.

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