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#FactCheck – Was it really the statue of Dr. Hedgewar ji disrespected in Kandakurti..?

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A news was published in Marathi Daily Loksatta and Marathi Daily Pudhari on 31st Dec 2023 about the RSS Founder Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar’s statue being neglected at his ‘birth place’ at Kandkurti village, Bodhan Block of Nizamabad District of Telangana. The news also had a photograph of a statue lying unattended and ill-kept open in ground.

Vishwa Samvad Kendra (VSK) had a fact check on this news and has found the news baseless and devoid of facts.

Firstly, Kundakurti is not the birth place of Dr. Hedgewar. He was born in Nagpur. Kandkurti is his ancestral village. The Keshavraj temple at Kandkurti is the ancient temple of the family deity of the Hedgewars. Along with the deity, there are two important statues of Bharat Mata and Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar. The campus also has a school. An independent trust takes care of the seva projects there.

To mark the 100th year of RSS, Kandkuri Trust has decided to rebuild the temple as well as redevelop the campus with addition of more Seva projects. The entire site is under redevelopment and the caretakers have carefully taken aside all the important statues and kept in safe custody saving them from any damage from the construction work around.

The allegedly ‘broken’ statue of Dr. Hedgewar shown in the news item was an old statue made by the teachers and students of the school in the campus which is also to be replaced and was in transit when someone photographed it.

The memorial (Keshav Smriti Mandir) at Kundakurti village situated on the Maharashtra- Telangana Border is undergoing redevelopment.

“There is no such event of dishonour or neglect here. All the statues are safe at the adjoining Shrikrishna Temple as we are having construction activity. Publishing baseless news about the neglect and dishonour instead of giving publicity to the expansion of Seva project is malicious.” The trust Secreatry Mr Yadav Rao tells VSK over a video message presenting the facts. He is seen with Ravindra Potgantiwar and Mr Govardhan Malu, members of the project committee and devout RSS volunteers from Dharmabad, Maharashtra.

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