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Fake Degree Certificate Case – Certificate of Nikhil Thomas recovered from his house during evidence collection

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Alappuzha, Kerala. The fake degree certificate that SFI leader Nikhil Thomas submitted at Milad-E-Sherif Memorial College (MSM) was recovered from his house by the police during evidence collection.

Nikhil Thomas had submitted a fake degree certificate in the name of Kalinga University to secure M.Com admission at MSM College. He had studied B.Com at the same college and had failed in it. It is believed that Nikhil Thomas paid Rs. 2 lakh to a former SFI leader, Abin C Raj, to get a fake degree certificate.

Nikhil then submitted the fake degree certificate at the same college in which he failed in degree. Surprisingly, the college authorities accepted his certificate and gave him admission to the masters’ course.

According to the reports, the certificate was recovered from an almirah in Nikhil’s house at Kayamkulam. The investigation team also recovered fake mark lists and migration certificate.

As per reports, Nikhil Thomas took back his fake certificates from the college a month back after he got wind of the attempts made by KSU leaders and some SFI leaders to expose his fraud.

The police however failed to recover Nikhil Thomas’ mobile phone, which they believe might contain crucial evidence. Nikhil had given the statement that he threw his mobile-phone into Karipuzha Canal. However, the police have rejected this statement after checking CCTV visuals of the area.

Nikhil Thomas’ exposure and arrest also brings into fore the factional fights within the communist party. It is believed that SFI leaders were also behind exposure of his crime. Nikhil, who had gone into hiding, was arrested after a tip off by someone who knew about his whereabouts.

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