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Farmers Protest or Any Other Agenda?

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Slogans of ‘Azad Punjab’ raised & Khalistani flags with portraits of Bhindranwale spotted

Amidst chaotic scenes unfolding during Farmers Protest at the Punjab-Haryana (Shambhu) border on Tuesday, protesting farmers began dismantling barricades, prompting the Haryana police to resort to firing tear gas rounds to disperse the crowd. However, the surface-level grievances of the farmers seem to mask a deeper agenda, with the true objective emerging as the establishment of ‘Khalistan’.

This comes after a video depicts Punjabi farmer voicing the demand for ‘Azad Punjab’ (free Punjab), indicating aspirations for Khalistan went viral on social media.

In another video one can see a Reporter who asked a farmer, “Sarkar se kya ummeed hai?” (What do you expect from the government?), the famer responded saying “Koi Ummeed nahi hai ji. Hume bas apna Azad Punjab chahiye, Khalistan chahiye”. (We don’t have any hopes, We just want a free Punjab, we want Khalistan).

Further adding to the mounting evidence, Khalistani flags adorned with portraits of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, a notorious Khalistani terrorist, were spotted on tractors participating in the protest march towards Delhi.

In a video shared by news agency ANI, one of the tractors was seen donning a flag with a portrait of Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

It’s evident that Khalistani elements have infiltrated the current protests, with banned terrorist organization Sikhs For Justice’s Chief Gurpatwant Singh Pannun releasing a video instigating Punjab farmers against the Bharatiya government, urging them to take their demands to Delhi. In a video he can be heard of saying, “You will not get anything from the central government by asking them. You have to win Delhi”.

In the image used during the video, there was a building with “Modi House” written on it with the message “Raise Khalistan Flag”, provoking pro-Khalistanis to raise the Khalistan flag at PM Modi’s residence in Delhi.

Moreover, suspicions have arisen regarding the involvement of the Congress party in Farmers Protest 2024. Jairam Ramesh disclosed that Rahul Gandhi is engaging with key farmer leaders at the same time farmers from across India gather in Delhi.


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