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G20 Summit – Global leaders praise Bharat’s digital advancements as UPI transactions

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New Delhi. World leaders are marvelling at Bharat’s digital systems as they express their surprise that the transaction was made without cash in hand. The viral video shows the Brazilian representative arriving at Bharat Mandapam and making a UPI payment.

A vast stall showcasing unique handicraft products has been set up at Bharat Mandapam for world leaders to explore. At the handicraft stall in Tamil Nadu, the representative made the payment using UPI and expressed admiration, stating, “You are blessed with so many digital facilities, and it is very inspiring”.

The central government provided foreign delegates with an opportunity to experience Bharat’s seamless digital systems by crediting 1000 each into their UPI wallets. An allocation of over Rs 10 lakh has been earmarked for this initiative. Additionally, the ‘G20 Bharat’ mobile application was launched to facilitate transactions during the event. The development of the app aimed to support the languages of all the member countries.

In addition to these initiatives, a ‘Digital Bharat Experience Zone’ has been established to provide delegates with a glimpse of the digital facilities and services available in Bharat. The ‘Digital Bharat Experience Zone’ is under the leadership of the Union Ministry of Electronics and IT. State-of-the-art digital Bharat experience rooms have been established in halls at Bharat Mandapam.

The G20 event served as a platform to introduce world leaders to several key Bharatiya digital initiatives, including ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce), a nationwide unified system for digital commerce, Digi Locker for digital storage of personal records, and e-Sanjeevani to digitise the healthcare sector.

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