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GODHRA – Accident or conspiracy!!

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Film based on 2002 Gujarat riots promises to uncover truth

New Delhi/Mumbai. Against the backdrop of the 2002 Godhra Riots, filmmaker MK Shivaaksh is coming up with the hard-hitting film, Accident or Conspiracy Godhra. The makers released the teaser of Godhra on social media.

In the Accident or Conspiracy Godhra teaser, one can see the film is promising to uncover the truth behind the cause of the riots. For the unversed, the teaser calls the attack on the Sabarmati Express in 2002 ‘ghastly’. The makers clearly mentioned in the teaser that Accident or Conspiracy Godhra is ‘based on true incidents’.

The makers are trying to uncover if the attack was the result of a fitful frenzy or a well-planned conspiracy.

Notably, the visuals shown in the teaser also revealed that it is the Nanavati Commission report that the film is based on. For the unversed, the attack on the Sabarmati Express caused big communal riots in Godhra and other parts of Gujarat.

Talking about the film, the makers of Accident or Conspiracy Godhra have not revealed the release date of the film. Directed by MK Shivaaksh, the film is produced by BJ Purohit and Ramkumar Pal.

The makers also shared a statement in the description on YouTube, which reads, “This movie was made after a lot of hard work and five years of research. Many shocking facts were discovered by him during the research for this movie, which are well presented in the movie with proof.” Stay tuned for more updates!


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