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GoK’s criminal luxury when Kerala drowns in deep financial crisis; Rs 35 lakhs for bullet proof car for CPM leader P. Jayarajan

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Thiruvananthapuram (VSK). Government of Kerala grants Rs 35 lakhs to purchase a new bullet proof car for Khadi Board chairman and CPM leader P. Jayarajan. ‘Excuse capsule’ is ready at AKG Centre, the CPM headquarters, in Thiruvananthauram. “It is due to the poor health conditions of Jayarajan”.

This decision comes close on the heels of Chief Secretary’s order dated November 4, 2022 not to buy any new vehicle. Industries Department issued an order, on November 17, to buy the car. Chief Secretary’s order not to buy any new vehicle was issued in the light of the grave financial crisis the state faces. Moreover, Finance Department extended the financial controls for another year including an order on November 9 not to buy new vehicles.

Observers say that it was advisable to change the “unhealthy chairman than buying a luxury car for the Kannur leader”. Every time when somebody demands justice for one or other project, GoK comes back with an excuse, ‘no money’.

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