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Government of Kerala to Move Supreme Court Against Gov

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Kochi (VSK). Government of Kerala (GoK) is all set to move Supreme Court, against Kerala Governor, for holding sans signing, the bills passed by State Assembly. Bills are amendments to Lok Ayukta Act, 1999 and University of Kerala Act, 1974. GoK has reached a conclusion that Governor does not comply with the Section 200 of the Constitution.

Now, GoK approaches legal luminaries and sheds Rs 46.9 lakhs for legal advice. GoK is reported to have issued an order in this respect. Media reports suggest that senior lawyer Fali S. Nariman is going to be paid Rs 30 lakhs. His junior lawyers Subhash Chandra and Safeer Ahmed to get Rs 9.9 lakhs and 4 lakhs respectively. Nariman’s Clerk gets Rs 3 lakhs.

Another ridiculous modus operandi to waste tax payer’s hard-earned money..!

Now, CPM state secretariat is reported to give nod to GoK to amend the University Act for removing Chancellorship from the state Governor. It will be another channel to waste the already dry treasury of the state.

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