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Governor Returns Ordinance Sans Ink

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Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan refused to sign the Ordinance intended to remove him from the position of the Chancellorship of all state universities in the state. He had earlier made his stand clear – “I won’t sign an ordinance which affects him, because, it won’t be right”. He would rather send it to Delhi for the President’s consideration. But now he has got day bright legal reason to send it back to the Government, that is, Assembly session has been convened for December 5.

The latest development is very much significant in view of the ongoing tussle between the Governor and Pinarayi Vijayan, CM and CPM supremo. Governor has been upholding a principled stand with respect to nepotism, corruption, violence, etc. ruling the roost.

Now, since Governor has sent the Ordinance back, the option left with government is to introduce a bill in the assembly in this regard. In the light of the low numbers Opposition enjoys in the assembly, no doubt, the bill will be passed hands down. Obviously, Governor will send it to Rashtrapathi Bhavan hence fate will be determined there.

Governor once again proved that he means business, no compromise on core issues.

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