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Governor visits Siddarth’s parents

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Chancellor suspends Vice Chancellor; ABVP on hunger strike

Kochi (VSK).

Kerala Governor Dr. Arif Mohammed Khan, in his capacity as the Chancellor of the Kerala state-funded universities in the state, has suspended Prof. M.R. Sasheendranath, the Vice Chancellor of the of Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU) at Pookode, Wayanad, in connection with the brutal death of Siddarth.

Governor said, Siddardh was killed, it was not a suicide. Informing the media about this, Governor said, he has information from Wayanad that outlawed Popular Front of India and some accused are hand-in-glove there. There is a huge failure on Varsity’s part. The statement that the Varsity did not know about the brutal torture of a student in the campus for three days together is not acceptable. Governor demanded a judicial enquiry into the incident. He said, he has written to Kerala High Court in this regard.

The Governor continued that victim was not permitted to eat even a grain of food or drink even a drop of water for three days. SFI occupies a block in every college hostel for criminal and undesirable activities. Authorities are scared to step into there.

Kerala Governor had visited the bereaved parents of the student on March 1. Consoling the parents, Governor told them that the incident was too tragic and he had sought the explanation from state police chief. Governor, also the Chancellor of the state-funded varsities, alleged that SFI unleashes violence in Kerala. He told the media persons that such tragic incidents take place in Kerala, a state known for 100% literacy and we have lost a brilliant student. Governor referred to the murder of T. P. Chandrasekharan (May 4, 2012). He said that Kerala witnesses a new trend that people do not hesitate to kill even those who are close to them.

Governor emphasized that political murders are increasing in Kerala. Governor added that violence is not a solution to anything. He told that ‘SFI workers are aggressors and victims at the same time’.  He called on the political parties to keep away from violence. Youths should not be made victims of political confrontation. They seldom understand that they are made scapegoats.

SFI workers are alleged to have killed Siddarth after a public trial where he had to stand before more than 130 students undressed and brutal torture for three days together without giving him food or water. More arrests are taking place; arrested students are either SFI office bearers or college union office bearers.

Post mortem report is said to be pointing out that the injuries in Siddarth’s body were two to three days old. It also says, there was no food in his stomach. Police have registered the case for abetment of suicide, voluntarily causing hurt, assault with dangerous weapons, illegal detention for three days, wrongful restraints, wrongful confinement, under Sections 3 and 4 of the Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1998.

ABVP started 24 hours long hunger strike before the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU). Women and mothers braved the blazing sun and went to the venue to arrange facilities for the protesters. They also provided firewood, blankets and pillows to the protesters in view of the cold weather in Wayanad. Even students unable to be present in person are expressing their support for ABVP. Local people explained the undesirable activities of SFI workers both within and outside the campus. They alleged that SFI men are assisted by some faculties in this regard.

Another ABVP hunger strike is in progress before the state secretariat Thiruvananthapuram.

Meanwhile, CPM and SFI are trying to exploit death of Siddarth for their cheap political gains. They erected flex boards in different parts of Thiruvananthapuram picturing the deceased as an SFI worker. One board was put up near Siddarth’s house also. Jayaprakash, father of Siddarth, protested against it. At last CPM men removed them. It was an orchestrated move to distort the facts and present their workers as innocent.

Interestingly, when the arrested accused were produced, a senior CPM leader came to the residence of the magistrate. He argued with the staff when they stopped him. He even brushed aside the instructions of the police. He told the magistrate that the SFI men were produced one day after the arrest. Then, the magistrate asked him to leave the place. Later on, the same man argued with the DySP of Police and questioned him regarding the bite he gave to TV channels.

Another strange happening is a complaint filed by a girl student, on February 18, against Siddarth alleging misbehaviour. In another words the complaint came up on the day of death. And, the varsity initiated actions on February 19, the very next day of the death! Siddarth’s father said that some students and teachers had informed him in advance that such actions can be expected; the idea is to insult the departed soul and demoralise the family.

News from Wayanad say that Anti Ragging Squad of the University gathered evidences from the 98 students and reported that Siddarth was tortured in a ‘torture chamber’ in the hostel, in the centre courtyard of the hostel and on the rocky hills behind the hostel.

So far 14 SFI workers have been arrested; according to police, 4 more yet to be arrested.

Siddardh’s father told the media that he is not happy about the news regarding the arrests of the accused as it is not right time; but he feels some sort of satisfaction. Referring to the suspension of the VC, he again said, he is satisfied, not happy. He added that now, he sees, first time in his life, a Governor with a backbone.

As a face-saving exercise, some accused have been barred from the examinations and some are suspended for few days.

The attitude of CPM and the minister indicate that both CPM and the party-led Left Democratic Front government with CM Pinarayi Vijayan at the helm are trying their level best to protect the culprits. Minister Chinchurani’s opposition to the Governor’s step to suspend the VC, presence of a CPM leader when the accused were produced before the magistrate and flex boards depicting Siddarth as an SFI worker are clear indications for this assumption.

SFI once again prove that they are the enemies of the peace-loving students.

By T. Satisan

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