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Gujarat ATS busts international terror module in Porbandar

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Porbandar. Gujarat Police’ ATS has effectively dismantled an international terrorist module operating in the coastal town of Porbandar. As part of their operation, officials have apprehended four individuals associated with the group, including a foreign national.

The four suspects have been identified as Ubaid Nasir Mir, Hanan Hayat Shawl, Mohammad Hajim Shah, and a woman, Sumera Banu. Authorities have also revealed that an accomplice of the group is currently evading arrest, and efforts are underway to locate and apprehend this individual.

As per reports, a specialised ATS unit has been conducting special operations in Porbandar and its surrounding areas since yesterday. The operation, led by DIG Dipen Bhadran and SP Sunil Joshi, had been methodically planned and conducted to safeguard the region’s safety and security.

The arrested suspects had been under continuous surveillance by the ATS for an extended period, during which their activities were closely monitored and recorded. The operation remains ongoing as officials gather more information and evidence related to the activities of the group.

According to reports, all four apprehended individuals are believed to be affiliated with the extremist group ISIS. It has been revealed that their intention was to escape by sea and join the ranks of the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP), with the assistance of their handler, Abu Hamza.

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