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Gujarat Police Exposes False Propaganda by distorting the NCRB report

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Karnavati. Gujarat police have come out against the media spreading false propaganda by distorting the National Crime Records Bureau report that more than 40,000 women have gone missing in Gujarat in the last 5 years. The police department analysed the facts and tweeted information regarding the issue.

Media reports, citing data sources from the National Crime Records Bureau, stated that over 40,000 women have gone missing in Gujarat over a period of 5 years. However, according to data published in Crime in India-2020, 41,621 women went missing during 2016-20. Gujarat Police traced 39,497 (94.90%) of the missing women from the state. They have been brought back to their homes.

The Gujarat Police clarified that the missing women were traced for various reasons such as family quarrels, absconding, and exam failure. The media, including those in Kerala, have spread rumors that many of these missing persons are being transported to other states for forced sex. However, such cases have not been found during the investigation.

The Gujarat Police tweeted that they are investigating missing persons cases as per the guidelines of the Supreme Court of India. They are also providing data to a dedicated website for tracking by other state police units as part of national-level coordination.

On the other hand, the media, including those in Kerala and Delhi, have been criticized for spreading false information about the missing women in Gujarat.

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