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Hijab Row in Tripura – Muslim students cause ruckus in Headmaster’s office for being asked to follow uniform dress code

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Agartala, Tripura. Muslim students at a government school in Tripura have made demands for wearing hijab as per the uniform dress code of the school, leading to a chain of events that stirred communal tensions (Similar to the hijab controversy that originated at a PU College in Udupi, Karnataka). The incident unfolded at Koroimura Higher Secondary School in the Sepahijala district of Tripura.

It all began when Muslim students at the school started wearing hijabs in violation of the uniform code. In response, Hindu students (boys) started wearing saffron kurtas as a protest against the administration’s inaction. This situation drew the attention of the headmaster, Priyatosh Nandi, who intervened by urging all students to adhere to the prescribed dress code and avoid attire inspired by religious beliefs.

The Hindu students voiced their concern that rules should be uniformly applied. If Hindu students were prohibited from wearing saffron clothing, then Muslim students should also refrain from wearing the hijab. In response, the Muslim students from class 10 expressed their dissatisfaction by vandalizing the headmaster’s office.

as per reports, the student who led the protest at the headmaster’s office was later assaulted by a group of individuals outside the school premises. This incident led to the situation escalating further. However, the Sepahijala police dismissed claims of a communal attack and cautioned against the spread of misinformation. The police clarified that the incident was unrelated to any religious issue and that an investigation was underway.

This incident echoes a similar dispute that occurred in February 2022 in Karnataka, where Muslim students were denied entry to classes for wearing hijabs, leading to counter-protests from Hindu students demanding to wear saffron scarves. The Karnataka government subsequently issued an order mandating compulsory uniforms and prohibiting religious attire.

Petitions were filed in the Karnataka High Court on behalf of the affected students, leading to a temporary injunction against all forms of religious attire. In March, the court upheld the decision to bar students from wearing religious symbols in schools. As of now, the situation in Tripura appears to be under control, with authorities working to maintain order and prevent further escalation of tensions.

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