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Hindu Families In West Bengal Flee Their Homes After Mosques Call For Non-Muslims To Be Killed 

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An entire Hindu village is under attack by Jihadis in Diamond Harbour, West Bengal. Violence erupted soon after it was announced from loudspeakers atop mosques  that Hindus will be killed if they do not leave and evacuate the village. Communal violence began on Sunday the 12th of May, and the situation has deteriorated even further.

News were not reported, Internet connection were disrupted. Police too, was not allowed to enter the village making it a complete NO GO ZONE with no informations coming.

This is not the first such incident in Bengal where the demography is changing at an alarming pace over the years due to influx of Rohingyas and Bangladeshi Muslims who are infiltrating the porous border and being legitimized in Bengal.

It is alleged that TMC leader managed to get more than 200 miscreants to usurp the area and unleash terror, as Diamond Harbour Lok Shabha Constituency goes to poll on May the 19th.

Violence now has spread in adjoining areas of the village called Bogakhali under Bishnupur Police Station and the situation continues to remain tense.

In shocking footage out of West Bengal, Hindus can be seen fleeing from their households in village Bagakhali under Bishnupur block of Diamond Harbour after local mosques allegedly called for violent attacks against them.


Women, kids, families are seen on the streets in large numbers. When asked why were they leaving their homes, they echoed the same sentiments of fear and alleged that the mosques had taken it upon themselves to announce their intention to kill non-muslims.

A woman said, “They have been announcing on the microphone that if the Hindus leave their house, they shall kill them”.

Another man, who was escaping on a bike said that their houses are being destroyed by people when asked to clarify he said it was Muslims.


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