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Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Celebrates Raksha Bandhan; Emphasizing Unity and Protection

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HSS celebrated Raksha Bandhan also called Universal Oneness Day, which underscores the values of unity, love, and protection in society. Raksha Bandhan, a traditional Hindu festival, holds a deeper meaning for HSS, promoting the notion of duty and responsibility for safeguarding our families and society. The celebration signifies the interconnectedness of all beings and the paramount importance of fostering harmony and understanding among diverse communities.

For HSS, Raksha Bandhan extends beyond the traditional brother-sister relationship, urging all members of society to embrace the responsibility of safeguarding their families and the wider community.

This year, HSS organized Raksha Bandhan celebrations in over 80 chapters across 20 states in the United States. Volunteers tied rakhis to various protectors of society, including police personnel, fire personnel, civic officials, and others who dedicate their lives to ensuring the safety and well-being of their communities. This gesture of appreciation and unity recognizes the sacrifices and dedication of those who work tirelessly to protect our society.

HSS volunteers also tied rakhis to faith leaders during this year’s Parliament of World Religions in Chicago. This event demonstrated HSS’s commitment to fostering harmony and understanding among diverse faith communities, promoting the idea that despite our religious and cultural differences, we share a common humanity and the duty to protect and nurture it.

Through these events, HSS reiterates its dedication to building a more harmonious and interconnected world where individuals from all walks of life come together to protect and nurture their shared humanity.

While appreciating on behalf of his team, Fire Chief James Blanchfield, Wilton, CT, said, “It’s nice when we get together for something like this. On behalf of all the emergency services here today, we thank you guys for coming out here and spending the day with us”.

“#UniversalOnenessDay serves as a reminder to reaffirm social and civic responsibilities in hopes to support and protect the community that we are part of. It was great speaking on the importance of #oneness. I also got to try Sesame Barfi, which was delicious! Thank you HSS for stopping by and celebrating!” are thoughts that Illinois State Senator Adriane Johnson, District 30, shared.

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