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Hinduphobia in K’taka – Mob attack Hindu man for sharing snacks with Muslim classmate

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Bengaluru. In yet another incident of Hinduphobia, a group of Islamic radicals attacked a Hindu man for sharing snacks with his Muslim girl classmate in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka. The incident come to light after a video of the it went viral on social media.

As per the media reports, the group of extremists spotted the duo dining together and confronted them at the food outlet. Once the mob realised that the man accompanying the Hijab-clad Muslim woman was a Hindu, they began thrashing him publicly. The girl came to the victim’s rescue and tried to placate the mob but to no avail.

Despite telling them that she knew the Hindu boy well, the extremists reprimanded the Muslim girl for hanging out with him.

The girl has filed a complaint with the police, following which a case was registered in connection to the case.

The police have initiated a probe into the case and efforts are underway to nab the accused. Meanwhile, the girl was forced to issue an apology by her family.

In recent times, a new menace of Islamist mobs attacking Hindu-Muslim couples has come to light. Multiple videos have surfaced on social media where these extremists are seen harassing, abusing, molesting and physically assaulting Hindu men and Muslim women under the garb of combating ‘Bhagwa Love Trap.’

It is based on a baseless theory about Hindu outfits, supposedly training Hindu youth to lure, and entrap Muslim women and turn them into non-Muslims.

The conspiracy theory soon took the form of a social media hashtag, which Islamists used to share videos of random hijab-wearing Muslim women and their male Hindu friends/ acquaintances and partners without their consent.

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