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‘Holy deception’ for waging ‘LOVE JIHAD’ across globe

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The case of Tara Shahdev has again brought the issue of Love Jihad to the forefront. Instead of outrightly discarding it, we need to analyse the reality. This might take us to the Uniform Civil Code as a one of the solutions.

In simple words, Love jihad is trap of Muslim organisations to seduce Hindu girls, to use Hindu women for physical desires, to convert them, to sell them or to use them for terrorist activities. The concept of ‘Love Jihad’ is neither new nor invention of any nationalist organisation. There are examples of feigning love, followed by devastating tales of pain, suffering, blackmailing and torture for conversion.

Since 2009 Kerala incidents, there have been talks of Love Jihad. Recently, there have been similar trends visible in northern parts of India, especially in UP, Assam and now Jharkhand. Despite various investigations and court judgements indicating existence of such phenomenon, secular intellectuals and media refused to recognise it. As a reaction there is a talk of backlash from Hindu, Christian and Sikh organisations.

It is true that some investigations in Kerala and Karnataka have failed to prove the organised attempts of ‘Love Jihad’. But no illegal or terrorist activity starts as an open policy of any organisation. In fact, it is a discrete way of furthering the cause, so finding evidences against any organisation or a group is always difficult. We should not forget that the same investigations in the specific cases have ratified the phenomenon of Love Jihad.

Tara Shahdev case is not an exception. Kerala cases are well known. There were similar cases in Britain too. According to media reports, in January 2014, Jathedar Gurucharan Singh demanded probe into alleged Love Jihad incidences in Punjab. He was talking on the basis of a printout of the website that had Indian and Pakistan telephone numbers, besides reward money to be given to Muslims boys for converting Sikh and Hindu girls. There are also reports of Hindu parents approaching seers and sadhus to save their girls from the clutches of ‘Muslim’ lovers in UP. What is the reality behind such allegations? If true, what are the sources of funding? Are there any connections with fundamentalists and terrorist organisations operating outside India? Before, discarding it as a mere rhetoric of Hindu nationalists, there is a need for objective probe in such series of incidences and come up with social and legal measures to curb it.

In all the cases of ‘Love Jihad’, it is found that Muslim boys have used the Quranic but lesser known principle ‘Al-Taqiyyah’ (or Holy Deception) to trap the gullible and vulnerable non-Muslim girls into their ‘love trap’ i.e. going to Temples, attending Pujas, wearing Tilak, eating Prasads while ridiculing fellow Muslims, talking against Islam/Quran/Prophet – all of which are permissible under the Quranic ‘Al-Taqiyyah’ principle to befool the infidels; thereby creating a more moderate and liberal image for themselves and convincing the targeted Hindu girls that they are ‘good Muslims’ and their ‘true lovers’. The same is done with other Christian and Sikh girls, among others in both India and abroad.

For instance, Imran Khan, famous Pakistani cricketer and now chief of political party in Pakistan, used this infamous Al-Taqiyyah to lure, marry and convert a rich Jewish girl Jemina and after having children with her, showing true colour ordered her to wear burqa (Islamic veil), which she refused to wear and went back to London, apologising to her parents for acting against their wishes and cautions. Now, there are many Ayeshas and Jeminas in India and across the non-Muslim world.

As the role of women in waging global jihad has been on fast rise, a new malicious strategy has been devised by Islamic Jihadi groups to convert more non-Muslim girls to produce more Mujahideens for “Islamification” of the whole world, sooner than later. “Love Jihad” is being used for this Islamic project for ‘Global Islamification’ as ordained by Quran, targeting the non-Islamic secular countries and its fair sex for this.

Meanwhile, the deafening silence of Islamic organisations, religious bodies, Quranic experts etc of having both national and international roots in failing to condemning ‘Love Jihad’ have raised more questions than answers. While they are so quick to issue ‘fatwas’ at the drop of a hate, why none of them ever issue a ‘fatwa’, at least condemning if not proscribing the practice of ‘Love Jihad’?

Does the practice of ‘Love Jihad’ in India and across the globe enjoy their blessings for furthering Islamic cause? What they want to hide, which the entire India and the world have known by now, thanks to internet, free press, above all, the 24×7 social media.

If they have real guts, at least some of them should stand up and accept this bitter fact that Islam casts in stone of 7th century, needs ‘overhauling reforms’ in tune with the changing realities of 21st century.

It can’t afford to look backward to 7th century’s obsolete antediluvian practices for inspiration, while the rest of the world is looking forward to the hopes and aspirations ushered by ‘knowledge capitalism’ of the coming century. But who will bell the cat or set the pigeons free for harmony and human progress?

Many publishers in India and abroad also fear to publish anything exposing the truth of Jihad or ‘Love Jihad’. But somebody must take the call, as already much of the truth, has already been ‘sacrificed’ in the utter timidity and stupidity cloaked under ‘political correctness’.

Being ‘self-deluded’ by not reporting this ‘unpleasant fact’ of Islamic Jihad or ‘Love Jihad’ or growing participation of women in global jihad, will, then, be the biggest historical self-destructive folly of all the remaining secular and democratic states as well as civilised societies across the world. So, let’s be brave and together speak out loud, now – Love ever, ‘Love Jihad’; never!

Source: Organiser weekly

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