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Human Sacrifice in Kerala?

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Two women kidnapped from Kochi and sacrificed in Pathanamthitta

Occultism and CPM leader’s involvement suspected

T. Satisan


It is reported that two women were beheaded, sacrificed and buried in Ilavanthoor, Pathanamthitta district as part of occultism or black magic. Shihab alias Shafi, a Perumbavoor native (Ernakulam district), is reported to be the agent who facilitated the women traffic operations.

Reports suggest that the agent took two women to the residence of the Ilavanthoor based couple, for human sacrifice. The couple and the agent Shihab are now in police custody. One woman Padma from Kadavantra, Kochi Corporation, is basically a Tamil Nadu native. Rosely, the other woman, is from Kalady near Aluva, Ernakulam district. Initial information suggest that the sacrifice was performed for financial prosperity of the arrested couple. And, Shihab got lakhs of rupees from the couple for organising the women for human sacrifice. He pretended as a high priest of occultism and convinced the couple that they would turn rich and prosperous if they go for human sacrifice. He even had sex with Laila saying that it was part of the ritual.

Padma is a lottery vendor whereas Rosely a sales girl. According to the information from police authorities, the matter was exposed in connection with the ‘missing case of Padma’. The enquiry in connection with the missing case of Padma led the police to Thiruvalla. Then they came across Rosely’s missing case. The consequent enquiries led to the shocking revelation.

Police has recovered the mortal remains said to be of the slain women. They were found buried among the trees in the premises of the house of the couple in Elavanthoor, Pathanamthitta district.

It is reported that the police is tight lipped about the modus operandi of the killing, because, it is too brutal to tell public. However, there are reports that the women were tied to the cot tightly and Laila beheaded them after cutting the entire body with weapons. Later on, bodies were cut into pieces.

The news has startled the whole state. Ruling CPM has been talking on top of its voice from rooftops that Kerala is the role model not only for the entire country but also for even Europe. It was for belittling the conditions in BJP-ruled states like UP, Gujarat, etc. Now this is a fatal blow to the ruling apparatus. Because, the home ministry is presided by the CM and CPM supremo Pinarayi Vijayan.

But news come up regarding active links of Bhagavath Singh with CPM. His FB post carries page of Deshabhimani, CPM’s mouthpiece, and colourful picture of Ms. Veena George, Health Minister belonging to CPM. It also carries salutations to Pinarayi Vijayan. Bhagavath Singh is an active CPM worker and former Branch Secretary of the Party and at present the Local Committee member. He is also leader of the farmers’ organisation controlled by CPM.

BJP state president K. Surendran told the media that Shihab is reported to have links with Islamic terrorist organisations. Therefore, thorough enquiry is required. Link between CPM and Islamic extremists also should be investigated.


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