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ICBM – India conducts successful training launch of Agni-1 ballistic missile

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The test launch of India’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), Agni-1, was a great success. The missile’s training exercise was conducted at Dr. Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha. The Ministry of Defence has informed us that the Agni-1 missile, considered vital to the country’s defence, has met all expectations.

With significantly high precision, missiles like these are capable of targeting distant locations. The medium-range Agni-1 ballistic missile has a range of over 700 kilometres. It is equipped to carry payloads weighing up to 1,000 kgs, despite its overall weight of 12,000 kgs.

The Ministry of Defence has assured that the Agni-1 missile possesses the necessary range and accuracy to meet the requirements of the armed forces. This successful test launch further strengthens India’s defence capabilities and underscores the importance of the missile in ensuring national security.

The Agni missiles were developed in India during the 1980s as part of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP), overseen by former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. India has successfully developed and deployed a range of missiles within the Agni series.

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