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Identify the persons responsible for fake documents; Press Statement by RSS Telangana

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Bhagyanagar (VSK). A forged statement, entitled ‘RSS Internal Survey Report’, is being circulated in Social-Media today. Released ostensibly in the context of the Munugode Bypolls on Nov 3, 2022, this report is signed by an unknown person and is clearly released with the malafide-intention of confusing and misleading people. We would like to state that no such Survey has been conducted by the RSS and we condemn the mischievous act of publicising this fake document.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is a voluntary organisation that has been working for the last 97 years with the primary aim of nation building through individual character building. RSS as an institution participates neither in politics nor does it conduct political surveys. As elections are a crucial and critical part of democracy, RSS encourages every Indian citizen to exercise their franchise.

Of late, attempts have been made to denigrate a cultural voluntary organisation such as the RSS, by people who have been resorting to fake, baseless and implausible news stories and comments for political gains. These kinds of actions do not befit the position of any individual or institution of responsibility. It is nothing but deriding and abusing democratic and social values.

We hereby request the Government and officials to identify the persons responsible for such fake documents and the news emanating out of it and take stringent, legal measures against them.

Kacham Ramesh

Prant Karyavah, RSS, Telangana

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