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“If there is no sanskar, then co-operation becomes swahakar” – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji

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Thane. The concluding ceremony of the golden jubilee year of Thane Janata Sahakari Bank, which is leading in the country, held on Friday. It was held at Tiptop Plaza Hall, Thane. The chief guest on this occasion was RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji.

“Even though it is said that there is no salvation without co-operation, according to the Sangh, if there is no culture in it, co-operation becomes self-sufficient. So, co-operation is the only solution for decentralization of economic power.”
He also clarified why Sangh Swayamsevak came in the field of co-operation, not as a business but as a service.

“Co-operation is very old in India. Co-operation is in the blood of Indians. It has been around since ancient times. If power is centralized, it can be good. The same can be said for bad use. We are people who worship Lakshmi, but its discipline is religion. Why do financial transactions, why earn money? These transactions are meant to run the society. No rescue without cooperation, but the team volunteers landed in the area adding one more sentence. Without co-operation there is no salvation, just like without co-operation there is no co-operation, so if there is no co-operation with co-operation then co-operation is gone and swahakar has come! It’s up to the consumers to say that, he added.

“Citing the teachings of Sheikh Ayaz, the Sultan’s Diwan, he was a favorite of the king as he was very skilled and honest. Even in politics, if there is such a person, then there are jealous people. Then their actions begin immediately. Who are your friends, how do you balance expenses and income? We have to think about who I am, what my strength is. Hiranyakashyapu was killed by taking the incarnation of Narsimha. Then the gods showered flowers. At that time, the gods thought that if the demon was gone, then the power would come in the hands of the gods, but they had come for Prahlad, they gave the kingdom to Prahlad. There are people who do their job without integrity. But it does not last long, in the end the truth prevails, he said.

Sunil Sathe, Chief Executive Officer, TJSB Co-operative Bank, who was the convener of the program, gave an overview of the Bank’s performance over the last five decades and its statistics. Chairman Vivekananda Patki, while explaining the way back, mentions team thinking, teamwork and customer friendly working system. Meanwhile, Sarsanghchalak felicitated all the presidents of the bank till date, He also unveiled the memorabilia of TJSB and the salient features of the bank for the last 50 years and the coffee table book which has attracted the attention of the customers of the bank.

Managing Director and CEO Sunil Sathe, Chairman Vivekananda Patki and Vice Chairman Sharad Gangal were present on the occasion.

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