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IIM Study – Bollywood Films are against Hindu-Sikh Honor

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IIM Study Reveals that Bollywood Films are against Hindu-Sikh Honor.

Study Reveals –

  1. 62% of the corrupt businessman in films had a vaishya last name.
  2. 58% of the corrupt politicians in films had a Hindu brahmin last name.
  3. Nearly, 74% of the films presented Sikhs as laughable.
  4. 84% of the Muslims in films were shown as strongly religious and honest.
  5. In 18/20 movies, Pakistanis were projected as welcoming, courteous, open-minded & courageous.
  6. However, in the same movie, Indians were largely projected as narrow-minded, unwelcoming, & conservative.
  7. Research team examined randomly picked 50 films from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s & 2010s & developed a list of movies in those decades & selected 2 to 3 movies per letter to finalise a list of 50 films per decade.
  8. What is interesting is that the instances of stereotypicality against Hindus have been increasing from 1970 onwards. The highest instances of stereotypicality have been found in the last and current decade.
  9. Existing research in the domain of influence of movies on youth indicates that films significantly influence the behaviour, thoughts and emotions of the viewers
  10. Research concludes that Hollywood films, been used as a harbinger of American culture abroad But Bollywood films actually do not present Indian culture well in most situations.


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