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Indore – ‘Cycle can wait’, 10 yr old Anshika donates her ‘bicycle’ money to needy families amid lockdown

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Indore. People in the midst of corona have been selflessly serving the society. Some by giving food, some by helping in the covid care centres, some by providing medical care. But to amusement, a 10 yr old girl in Indore, has given up all her piggy bank money to the needy people. The money which Anshika Chauhan (10) had been saving for years to buy a bicycle, has served 6-7 needy families with 15 days of grocery amid lockdown.

“My cycle is not so important. People are in need of food and their hunger is important I feel. I’ll collect this money again. Now these people need money and so I am donating my piggy bank amount to them”, said Anshika donating Rs 7000 to Sangini Foundation, local NGO that works for welfare of society.

Sangini founder Mamata Sangate, lauding the gesture of this little girl, further said that there are a few families facing economic difficulties in Kachi Mohalla area of Indore. “While we were discussing the matter with Shailendra Singh Chauhan about helping these families, Anshika got her piggy bank and gave it to us”.

‘Sewa is something that you do for others, for society without expecting anything in return, not even a thanks’. 10 yr old Anshika Chauhan has definitely set an example by understanding the real need and donating her bicycle amount Rs 7000 to the families in need. We salute Anshika for her act of kindness…


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