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Investigative agencies file report against the Popular Front

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Various investigative agencies have submitted reports to the Center which describe the agenda and working methods of the Popular Front.

The report says that the Popular Front has a secret agenda. Their goal is to establish Islamic rule in India for which they inject communal venom into the veins of followers. At the same time, it gives a communal colour to matters related to Muslims and other communities.

The intelligence agencies have prepared reports analyzing various reports, court rulings and reports filed by the state police against the Popular Front. Documents prepared by various states and agencies from 2017 to 2022 were submitted to the Government of India.

The detailed report is divided into 11 parts that include the ideology and leadership of the Popular Front, its affiliation with global terrorist organizations, radical action, organization, funding and court orders against its cadres.

There have been several cases of the Popular Front engaging in illegal activities. Popular Front activists have been implicated in killings and attacks on Hindus. The agency’s ideology undermines the ideals of democracy, secularism and nationalism, according to an investigative agency report.

According to the agencies, the SDPI is the political wing of the Popular Front. In addition, there are several other institutions that control the Popular Front, which is active in proselytizing and fundraising.

“There are indications that some Popular Front activists are joining extremist groups such as IS. The organization collects funds from immigrant Muslims in the name of ‘zakat’ and uses it to build mosques, run madrassas and other criminal activities.

In addition, the report cites about 30 incidents, including that of RSS karyakartas Sanjeet and Sreenivasan, who were killed in Kerala recently.

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