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Is Everything well in the procedures of Train Fire Case?

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Kerala (VSK). The reason for the suspension of the former chief of Anti-Terror Squad (ATS) is interesting. He was reported to have got in touch with the police officers who brought Elathoor Train Fire accused Shahrukh Saifi to Kerala! Reports suggest, ADG of Police (Law & Order) reported to the government that Vijayan got in touch with those officers even though he was not involved in that inquiry.

Initially, the case was inquired by ATS until NIA took over.

There are observers who believe that Vijayan’s suspension is the result of differences of opinion among the police hierarchy.

It is reported that Vijayan is blamed for security lapse during the transport of Elathur Train Fire suspect Shahrukh Saifi from Mumbai to Kozhikode. Decision is on the basis of the DGP’s enquiry. Vijayan is reported to be blamed for leaking the route of Shahrukh and police escort, weeks before he was removed from the position of the Chief of ATS. He was accused of getting in touch with the police officers who brought Saifi from Mumbai. The initial enquiry into the Elathur Train Fire case was carried out by ATS. IG P. Vijayan was in-charge of it. But, when NIA took over the case, Vijayan was relieved. But he was not given any assignment. Another officer was given the assignment of ATS chief. Vijayan was also removed from the responsibility of Students Cadet, a unique programme he conceived and launched. Meanwhile, there are reports of discontent fuming among the IPS officers against the suspension of P. Vijayan.

They are disturbed about the action against the IG for contacting the subordinate officers. They believe that the suspension is too much. There are also allegations that there is a factor of altercations among the top police officers behind this suspension.

Police officers are shocked and unable to reconcile with the suspension of Vijayan IPS. Vijayan is a honest and efficient officer, the man who proved the truth behind several controversial cases including Chelambara bank pilferage, performance as the nodal officer of Student Cadet scheme which is a model for the entire country as well as the whole world and as the man in-charge of Sabarimala Punyam Poonkaavanam scheme which earned even the PM’s acclaim. There are IAS officers who reportedly believe that the suspension of Vijayan is for a flimsy reason. And, it is reported that Chief Secretary has not given his nod for it. There are reports that Vijayan did not get permission to participate in Prime Minister’s Man Ki Bath Conclave.

Meanwhile a case has been registered against Mathrubhumi, Malayalam TV channel, for carrying the news regarding bringing Train Fire accused Shahrukh Saifi from Maharashtra. The reporter, cameraman and car driver were summoned to the police station. When they reached the station, their mobile phones were collected and kept in the police station. Mathrubhumi said that they would face the police action legally. They are accused of stopping the police vehicle, between Bhatkal and Udupi in Karnataka, following them and videographing. According to the case registered by Chevayoor Police, Kozhikode, their actions were construed as threats to the life of the Train Fire accused and the accompanying police personnel. Some clauses are bailable and some others are not. Mathrubhumi says, it is a baseless allegation hence baseless case. Seizing the phones are illegal. Mathrubhumi News Executive Editor said, in his letter to the state police chief, that police action was violation of the freedom of press and the citizens’ civil rights. Media men should not be victimised to camouflage infightings in the police echelon. He added, it was fair enough if police try to collect information from the media as a part of the case enquiry. Despite no need, phones were seized sans recording the hash value of the memory card. Mathrubhumi suspects an attempt to manipulation behind it. Editor reiterated the institution’s stand to go ahead, with bold steps, with honest media activities.

The entire episode leads to a suspicion that something is wrong in handling the case.

The case against the media persons should be viewed in the wake of the sharp criticism police had to face in the light the deployment of private vehicles for transporting the accused in such a sensitive case.

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