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Israel-Palestine conflict – CPI(M) leader, MA Baby, supports Hamas for their terror attack

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Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

CPI (M) leader M.A. Baby has expressed his support or Palestine amidst the ongoing crisis in Israel. Baby made his views public via social media, saying that, Hamas was only reacting to Israel’s aggression, and this became a war that started against Israel.

However, it is quite amazing that Baby is overlooking the widely recognized status of Hamas as one of the largest terrorist organizations in the world. The communist leader, MA Baby, also tries to justify Hamas killing of innocent lives in Israel.

MA Baby also predicted that, with strong American support, Israel may prevail in the conflict, potentially causing substantial damage to Gaza. Notably, major Western powers, including the US, France, England, and Germany, have all sided with Israel against Palestine. He said that after the fall of the Soviet Union, the western powers, in a unipolar world, are behaving in their self- interests.

MA Baby added that the war started today was the biggest setback for Israel from Palestine since 2006. According to Baby, even Israel’s renowned intelligence agency, Mossad, and its anti-missile system, Iron Dome, were unable to effectively counteract the meticulously planned counter-offensive by Hamas. Advocating for an end to violence, Baby urged for peace talks to be initiated, proposing that India, a longstanding ally of the Palestinians, take the lead in fostering a peaceful resolution.

In the Facebook post, MA Baby has also admitted that hundreds of innocent Israeli citizens have been killed. However, he justifies their deaths as Palestine’s reaction to occupation by the Israeli forces. The communist leader has supported the terror attack of Hamas on innocent lives through his Facebook post.

He also justifies Hamas’ actions by saying that the Al-Aqsa mosque is the third holiest place of Muslims and that the Hamas reacted because Israelis trespassed into the mosque. However, he forgets that the place is also holy to the Jewish people.

Courtesy – JanamTV

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