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Israel-Palestine conflict – While Bharat declares solidarity with Israel, CPI(M) General Secretary, Sitaram Yechury, voices for Palestine

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Amid the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas, Sitaram Yechury, the General Secretary of the CPI(M), has voiced his support for Palestine, while Bharat has declared its solidarity with Israel. Yechury has criticized Israel’s actions and called for an end to its occupation of Palestinian territories, urging the United Nations to enforce a ceasefire. The CPI(M) leader has criticized Israel, through X, for seemingly turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists.

“Israeli aggression unleashed by the right-wing Netanyahu government against the Palestinians has claimed the lives of 248 including 40 children, so far this year. The expansion of Jewish settlements on Palestinian lands must end, and a UN-2 State solution enforced,” Yechury said.

Pakistan and Afghanistan came to the scene by showing support to Hamas in the rocket attack against Israel. In a press statement released by the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “We call on the international community to come together for cessation of hostilities, protection of civilians and for a lasting peace in the Middle East”.

Meanwhile, the Taliban governed Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also came in support of Palestine and claimed Hamas attacks as “Israeli trampling” on the rights of Palestinians. Yechury’s stance aligns with that of Pakistan and Afghanistan in their support for Palestine amid the ongoing conflict.

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