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J&K Bank chief manager Sajad Ahmad Bazaz sacked; wrote pro-Pak articles under a pseudo name

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Srinagar. Chief Manager of Jammu and Kashmir Bank has been dismissed from his position due to undisclosed affiliations with Pakistan’s ISI. Sajad Ahmad Bazaz, who held a significant role within the Public Sector Bank of Jammu and Kashmir, was removed from his post following an investigation conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir Criminal Investigation Department. The inquiry unearthed his connections with the Pakistani ISI.

Bazaz’s involvement in furthering the ISI’s objectives was evident through his covert publication of articles in local newspapers, promoting a favourable image of Pakistan. These writings often glorified separatist-extremist activities prevalent in Jammu and Kashmir. Employing various pseudonyms, Bazaz, masquerading as a manager, surreptitiously authored these pieces.

Through an illicit arrangement orchestrated by Fayaz Kaloo, the proprietor and editor of Greater Kashmir newspaper, an entity linked to Pakistan’s ISI, Bazaz secured his position at Jammu and Kashmir Bank. In violation of his professional obligations, he also assumed the role of a correspondent-cum-columnist for Greater Kashmir while continuing his employment.

Sajad Ahmad Bazaz, originally from Srinagar, began his journey with Jammu and Kashmir Bank in 1990 as a cashier-cum-clerk. Over the years, he climbed the ranks, eventually reaching the post of chief manager. In this capacity, he misappropriated the bank’s resources to fund media outlets that propagated separatist ideals. The investigation has indicated that funds were channelled to Greater Kashmir from 2015 to 2023. The Criminal Investigation Department has discovered that Bazaz held a total of 68 accounts with Jammu and Kashmir Bank.

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