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Jammu Kashmir – After 75 years, Muslims near LoC hand over land of Sharda Peeth to Kashmiri Pandits

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Srinagar. Just 500 metres away from POJK, a lot of activities can be seen happening nowadays in Jammu and Kashmir’s Titwal village. An ancient temple and gurudwara along with a mosque are being constructed.

After the partition in 1947, the ancient Sharda Peeth temple and its compound and gurudwara were damaged in tribal attacks (mostly known as Kabaili attack). Since then, this land was lying deserted. In the year 2021, the villagers handed over this land to Kashmiri Pandits when they reached the Neelam river for the annual Sharda Peeth Yatra and worship.

In the month of December 2021 traditional worship was done on this land and the Save Sharda Committee constituted a temple construction committee, to renovate this temple. The committee included three local Muslims, one Sikh and Kashmiri Pandits.

On March 28, the construction of Mata Sharda temple has started in this Titwal village of North Kashmir, but along with this temple, construction of a Gurudwara has also been started. Officials of save Sharda Committee said that we want to set an example of brotherhood here.


Ravindra Pandita says, “We have found the remains of the damaged temple and Dharamshala and Gurudwara which was damaged in 1947, and it would be good if we re-build temple, Dharamshala and Gurudwara again, this was base camp here of annual sharada peeth pilgrimage. He added people and the administration are fully supporting. When we came here for annual pilgrimage, people gave us this land back and we demarcated it and decided to build temple again. We formed temple construction committee in which three are Muslim, one is Sikh and rest are Kashmiri Pandits.”

Adding to that he said, “I can see the full support of the people here. It can also be a rehabilitation plan because temples and shrines are our nerve centres. We want that Sharda Center should also be made here so that people will come to know about its historic background.”

The plan is to build a Sharda Peeth Center also here so that people from all over the world come here because Sharda Peeth isn’t only connected to Hinduism but the people of following buddhism also believe in this a lot.

Surinder Mirza (Kashmiri Pandit) says, “Good work always creates history and we see a ray of hope here. It looks like a small village but what is happening here is part of a much bigger campaign and message. There is a desire in the hearts of the people here that once again the same era should come. And we have plans that there should be a study center attached to Sharda Peeth so that many people visit this place and it becomes the center of attraction like, It was before Partition.”

The plan and model of the temple has already been approved by the Sringeri Dakshin Math and the granite stones used in the temple are being brought from Karnataka.

Ajaz Khan Titwal resident who is constructing it said, “I am a member of Sharda Mandir Construction Committee. We are three Muslims and five Pandits in this committee. We are very proud, we want to go back in 1947. Before 1947, there was a temple here, there was also a Dharamsala and there was also a Gurdwara, now we want that the old tradition should be restored, we Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian should live together”.

Sharda Peeth is considered as the “Maha Shakti Peeth,” most powerful it is worshiped as the greatest religious place. The demand for restarting the yatra which stopped since 1948 is now gaining momentum. On the annual journey from Titwal, like the Amarnath Yatra, Chhadi Mubarak was taken to the Sharda Peeth temple and Save Sharda Peeth Committee is planning a huge festival on the annual pilgrimage day in Titwal. Many central and state politicians are also supporting for reopening of Sharda Peeth pilgrimage.

Input Courtesy – Zee News

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