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Jammu & Kashmir – Government seizes 9 properties of banned Jamaat-e-Islami in Shopian

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Srinagar. Jammu and Kashmir administration on Thursday seized nine properties of pro-Pakistani and banned Jamaat-e-Islami in Shopian district and ordered ban on entry and it’s usage by any person.

As per the notification, the properties include multiple plots registered in the name of JeI. Some of the plots have buildings on them, including a school building.

“Seizure of these assets will choke the availability of funds for secessionist activities and dismantle the ecosystem of anti-national elements and terror networks hostile to India’s sovereignty” said the SIA, adding that the properties have been taken over under UAPA.

The directions have been issued by District Magistrate Shopian under section 8 of unlawful activities (Prevention) Act, 1967, following the communication by J&K’s State Investigation Agency (SIA) that is investigating the case against the outlawed group.

The order also reads that “upon obtaining the report from concerned Tehsildar and after perusal of Revenue Record pertaining to the above properties, it was found that these properties are owned by and/or under possession of banned Jamaat-e-Islami association through their members.

“On persual of the records and other connected documents, I, District Magistrate Shopian, am satisfied that there is sufficient material to notify the above mentioned properties under the said Act,” it said.

“Now, therefore, by virtue of notification issued by the Central Government coupled with notification issued by the J&K Government and powers vested in terms of section 8 of UA(P) Act,….

I, Sachin Kumar Vaishya (IAS) District Magistrate, Shopian do hereby notify the above mentioned properties in terms of section 8 of UA(P)Act 1967, are owned by and/or under possession of banned association Jamat-e-Islami, thereby prohibiting/restricting the entry into any usage of these properties by any person(s), association(s) or legal entity other than investigating officers of SIA for the purpose of investigation and police officers having jurisdiction for the purpose of enforcing the usage related prohibition and restrictions ordered in the notification,” it added.

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