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Jharkhand’s Maoist Leader arrested in Kozhikode

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Kozhikode. Ajay Ojan (27), leader of the outlawed Maoist outfit, has been booked from Kozhikode on April 18. He is from Kulangoor Zone in Daba Village of Jharkhand.

Ajay is the Area Commander of People Liberation Front of India (PLFI). He is the accused in a case registered by Jharkhand Police in 2019. Jharkhand Police located him by tracking his mobile phone tower location. Thus, they discovered that his hideout was in Pantheerankavu, Kozhikode. Then Jharkhand Police reached Kozhikode and took him into custody, with the help of Kerala Police, from his ‘shelter’ in a migrant labour camp.

He was taken to the Pantheerankavu Police Station where he was interrogated by Jharkhand Police in the presence of Kozhikode City Police Commissioner and North Zone IG of Kerala Police. There are reports that Jharkhand Police could collect vital information from him regarding his ‘business’ in Kerala and how he reached Kerala. Ajay was handed over to Jharkhand Police after the completion of the formalities.

Ajay reached Pantheerankavu three months before and was living in the area under a fake name. Police reportedly said that he had been to Kerala in the past. Ajay is an accused in the case in connection with setting fire to the equipment used for rural road construction and the distribution of the literatures of the outlawed PLFI. Central and state agencies have started enquiries regarding Ajay’s links with the Maoists in Kerala.

Nationalist forces have been complaining since the last several years, the governments in Kerala is soft towards anti-national forces hence the state has turned a haven for them. Now, a senior leader of the Moist outfit in Jharkhand came to the state and lived here ‘peacefully’ until the Jharkhand Police spotted him. This is a significant development in view of the allegation that religious fundamentalists are sometimes hand in glove with ‘red terrorists’. Their common agenda is “Hate Bharat”.

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