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JNU revises hostel manual and charges in consultation with student representatives

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The High Level Committee set up by the JNU Administration has recommended several changes to the Hostel Manual and charges. The revised charges have been submitted to the authorities on 25th November, 2019. The recommendations have also been approved by the executive council.

The press release from the university states that feedback from student representatives were considered and these recommendations have been made that would benefit all students. The highlights of the recommendations are –

  • While appreciating the 50 percent concession given to the eligible BPL category students in utility and service charges by the Executive Council, the HLC has strongly recommended that concessions in utility and service charges be given to all the students of the University.
  • The committee scrutinized the estimated utility and service charges in the hostels, which are Rs.2000/- per month (including electricity and water charges of Rs. 300) and has recommended that Rs.1000 per month may be charged, in place of Rs.2000 per month, towards utility and service charges for all the students.
  • The Committee has also recommended 75 percent reduction in utility and service charges for all the eligible BPL students who would be charged Rs. 500 in place of Rs. 2000 per month. It is expected that 75 percent concessions in utility and service charges to eligible BPL category students and 50 percent concessions to the rest will go down well with the student community and stakeholders at large.

The JNU administration has also said that the student strike caused enormous academic loss to a vast number of students in the university. It also notes that any further continuation of lockdown of Schools would be unacceptable national loss. The Administration has appealed to the agitating students to end their strike with immediate effect in the academic interest of their fellow students.

The press release states that the University’s image has taken a beating and normalcy must return in the university at the earliest.

Revised Hostel charges released by the JNU administration


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